The School experience & Covid-19

You are a student, you have been saving for years to go to school, and you are excited to finally move out on your own, away from parents, away from residence, your first true taste of independence.

But the world has changed… and now you don’t get to experience this important chapter in your life because you are stuck at home?.....WRONG!!!

Everyone in the world is reeling from the effects of Covid-19, and we are truly all in this together. With all of the changes surrounding schooling and online learning during these times, a lot of student are left wondering what their post-secondary life will look like. As talks of some schools extending the option of online delivery of courses continue, will that option to experience college or university life the way it is meant to be still be possible? Why Not…

Just because the delivery options of some courses is changing, not everything has to change with it. You are still able to experience many of the same things while living on your own or with friends when you move away from home to attend College and University in another city.. You are still able to do your schooling and studying, just from your new home instead. This change will allow you independence such as grocery shopping, cooking, and enjoying meals with friends and roommates . As the government starts to re-open the economy in phases, you will gradually be able to do more and more. Go on weekend trips, explore your surroundings, go to restaurants, have some friends over and eventually campus activities will resume. Will it be the same experience as previous years… not exactly, but it doesn’t mean you have to lose that experience altogether.

The government has been working hard on getting money to those who need it, the Canada Emergency Student Benefit (CESB) is now live and accessible for students to assist with things like rent payments. Follow this link to see when and how to apply.

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